Top 5 Beautiful Flowers To Sparkle a Rome Wedding

magine yourself walking along a beautiful garden with stunning flowers at their peak! Which flowers you should pick for your wedding? The most fragrant, the rarest, the unscented, or the colorful one! Feeling confused when deciding among all the thousands of varieties available? To help you out, I’ve discussed the top 5 most popular flowers for a wedding ceremony!


Rose is a symbol of beauty and love. Many romantic poets and writers have used rose as a metaphor for passion, emotion and true love. Though, roses are associated with luxurious fragrance, there’re three main types of candidates for your wedding floral decoration, like the hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses.



Encircled by dark green colored, waxy leaves, this unique Gardenia offers a sultry, heavy scent. This exquisite fragrance was first captivated by an English sea captain while traveling along South Africa in 1754. Gardenias are amazingly tucked into a bouquet or floating in a bowl as a centerpiece. Even, a single gardenia can make a wonderful scented corsage or a hair accessory.

#Lily of the Valley

With the striking bell shape florets hanging from a thin stem, the lily of the valley is the most important addition to the wedding floral arrangements; which’s also known as the “Ladder to Heaven”. It has the fresh, fragrant scent, even in its tiny flowers. According to the Norse Mythology, this flower is connected to the goddess of springtime. However, this flower is commonly available in the spring; but are very expensive. But, if a fistful of lily of the valley might be your dream flower, then you should infuse just a few stems in a bouquet or use them as a centerpiece with its wonderful fragrance. You might know that it’s available only in white; but lily of the valley also comes in a very rare rosy-pink color.



Though it’s mainly associated with the Netherlands, but actually it’s a native of Persia. Representing itself as the “Consummation of love” and “Happy Years”, the tulip can be a meaningful alternative for a wedding. Usually, these flowers are grown in a wide array of colors, like white, cream, pastels like yellow, pink, peach, vibrant hues like magenta, red and purple. Available throughout the year, the common tulips are extremely reasonable, whereas the rare varieties are expensive. However, the versatile tulip can enhance the casual venues as well as the elegant wedding settings and can work very well in each and every type of permutation, from boutonnieres to table arrangements. Three common varieties of tulip are Dutch Tulips, French Tulips and Parrot Tulips.



With a large, full head, strong perfume and bright hue, Peony is a great addition to your wedding décor. The flower has got the Victorian meaning, “Bashfulnes”. Being cultivated in Asia for a few decades and developed further by the French, now it’s available in two main types like, the herbaceous and the tree peony. However, the bouquet of peonies can be gorgeous; even this flower can be used to make a stunning centerpiece and arrangements. Grown in single and double flower styles, this expensive bloom is available seasonally from the late spring to the early summer; but it can’t be imported during the fall season.




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